A Step Away with J.Lo’s Dancers

A Step Away was an extremely progressive and unusual show piggybacking off of J.Lo’s Dance Again World Tour in 2012, starring her backup dancers in their own unique docuseries.

We followed the major twists and turns of P!nk taking one of Jennifer’s dancers mid-run of a 60 part world tour and the drama of her having to replace one of her strongest team members, as well as the beautiful and exotic locations that often gave her entire tour serious disadvantages. But they still managed to have a ton of fun!

I was the editor across 7 episodes, and we came up with such fun storylines for each dancer and great arcs for the whole series.

It was the wild west of editing and crafting narratives, and we loved discussing which stories we thought were most valuable and finally coming to an agreement to tell truly compelling tales.

Here’s another fun clip I edited:

Absolutely do not drop J.Lo.

And just for fun, here’s Jen performing with Wisin y Yandel in Puerto Rico:


LA Delivery Girls

Here’s a clip from a show I edited about doulas living in Los Angeles on Verizon’s ill-fated go90 app. It was a very heartfelt show, and it actually had a bunch of tips for pregnant women, which felt very sweet and proactive. It was some of the most powerful footage I’ve ever worked with in my entire life.

Here’s another short clip of 5 helpful tips! Click the pic below:

Very helpful!

Thanks for watching!

The Perfect Fit on PeopleTV

I became attached to Megan & Deborah’s stories on The Perfect Fit, a reality TV show my friend Jerri Howell brought me on to edit for at the end of 2017. The video above is for the episode that I worked most heavily on.

I was really excited while working on the story and editing this episode for the true stories of curvy brides that it highlights, from having difficulties finding the perfect wedding dress in their size to the exciting emotional moments as they try it on for the first time.

Thanks for watching! 🙂