J.Lo’s Dance Again HBO documentary

This is the final HBO trailer for the documentary film.

There are so many stories I could tell about working on Jennifer Lopez’s documentary for 3 years of my life. From receiving the world tour footage directly to my apartment at the time in Valley Village, California; to working directly with the original director Alexis Gudino on the edit in a concrete under-construction room in a Hollywood executive office off of Sunset Boulevard; to the final delivery of Alexis’ and my cut to HBO; it was an absolutely wild ride. I am still proud of the Marc Anthony scenes I got to edit into the film, and moments from that are causing an impact now even 6 years later. This clip was published only a few weeks ago from our movie from 2013 (!!!):

This scene was very difficult to edit. The pacing and music had to be absolutely perfect.

Cutting together these moments together caused such an impact. I was extremely proud to have worked on this film, and it’s crazy to watch the ripple effect all these years later. If you’d like to check out the doc, it’s available to view here:

There was something guerilla-style and thrilling about when it was just me and Alexis editing the film together from that executive suite. I’m also pretty proud to say that the locked cut you can watch on streaming platforms is, in point of fact, the very same cut I delivered to HBO, by way of the Weinstein Company. I was extremely excited to have finally created something back in 2013 that would leave a mark for years to come.

Thank you for watching, as always. Cheers,

– Tom

HomeFest with James Corden

I edited, built our home editing workflow, and mixed, color corrected, and delivered the final acts for delivery for this special. So proud of our edit team for pulling this off from James Corden’s garage, under coronavirus conditions. Here’s one of my favorite videos from our 10pm Primetime HomeFest special:

In another act, BTS represents South Korea in this amazing performance.

And finally, here’s a clip of Ben Platt and the cast of Dear Evan Hansen singing “You Will Be Found,” from this Emmy-nominated episode:

As always, thanks for watching, and stay safe.