LA Delivery Girls

Here’s a clip from a show I edited about doulas living in Los Angeles on Verizon’s ill-fated go90 app. It was a very heartfelt show, and it actually had a bunch of tips for pregnant women, which felt very sweet and proactive. It was some of the most powerful footage I’ve ever worked with in my entire life.

Here’s another short clip of 5 helpful tips! Click the pic below:

Very helpful!

Thanks for watching!

HomeFest with James Corden

I edited, built our home editing workflow, and mixed, color corrected, and delivered the final acts for delivery for this special. So proud of our edit team for pulling this off from James Corden’s garage, under coronavirus conditions. Here’s one of my favorite videos from our 10pm Primetime HomeFest special:

In another act, BTS represents South Korea in this amazing performance.

And finally, here’s a clip of Ben Platt and the cast of Dear Evan Hansen singing “You Will Be Found,” from this Emmy-nominated episode:

As always, thanks for watching, and stay safe.